NFTs Foundation — Private Sale And Airdrop Program

Private Sale

We have decided to run Private Sale for our loyal community members who believe in our vision the most!

  • To participate, you must send with minimum 0.5 ETH to contribution wallet
  • You will receive your token 1st November 2020. Please note: we will not send any kind of contribution address by email. If you receive any emails mentioning a contribution address it is a SCAM.
  • Distribution based on transaction history to the wallet that has mentioned above
  • Private sale price is 1 ETH/125 NFC and Public Sale price 1 ETH/100 NFC
  • Bonuses, 10% bonus is given to those who contribute at least 5 ETH
  • Token Supply Only 25,000 NFC

Airdrop Program

Earn up to 6.25 NFC (Estimated value 0.05 ETH) and 1.25 NFC/refferal

NFTs Foundation