NFTs Foundation — We’ll bring NFTs To The Highest Peak

NFTs Foundation
2 min readOct 18, 2020


All-time NFT trading volume is quickly approaching $150 million, and last week daily NFT trading volume cleared $1 million for the first time ever. Combine this growth with new record-setting sales and major mainstream inroads, and we’ll makings of an NFTs BOOM. In the cryptoeconomy proper, awareness around NFTs spiked and peaked late last month.

That’s because, First, high-profile firms BlockTower Capital and Morgan Creek Digital announced they were ramping up their NFT investments, and the second one, projects like Aavegotchi and Meme Protocol built new bridges between the NFT and DeFi communities.

Those announcements and developments led to a surge of new interest in NFTs and validated the hard work of NFT projects who have been chipping away impressively yet outside of the limelight in recent months.

However, September buzz had even started to cool, skeptics and the more fickle of crypto’s maximalist types decried the NFT ecosystem as being overblown, pointless, and in the middle of a market bubble.

The vast majority of these naysayers have only seen the iceberg’s tip — they haven’t tracked the NFT ecosystem’s growth in the trenches as users and minters, so their perspectives are limited to say the least. Win ’em or lose ’em, we’ll bring NFTs to the highest peak.

Brief Summary About NFTs Foundation

The NFTs Foundation is built to create decentralized financial inclusion by combining financial technology, internet, property and blockchain. It will be the right place to collaborate and jointly build a better financial system.


To be the leading platform in a decentralized financial system


· Providing loans and borrowing platform that can be accessed by anyone, anytime without restrictions on the user’s background, without geographical restrictions with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and our main currency as guarantee.

· Making Non-Fubgible Tokens (NFTs) as proof of ownership of property assets in real life.

· Using smart contract functions in profit distribution to create transparency, speed, and security.

· Providing a special marketplace for buying and selling NFTs as proof of ownership of real-life property assets.